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Human Resources

As Sur International Investment, we see "Human" as the first key of success. There are great contributions of our employees in the international success we have achieved.

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My Dear Workmates;

Today it is accepted that all organizations, be it profit oriented or social oriented , need "Human Resources Management" in order for these organizations to operate successfully. It is inevitable for the survival of the organizations to constitute a Human Resources Management.

In accordance with the varying nature of the business and work world, structuring and continuous development of Human Resources procedures and principles are also directly proportional to the development of our firm. Being just and transparent in the Human Resources management increases the satisfaction of the employees and affects the productivity of the employee in a positive direction.

Therefore, I present you the "Human Resources Bylaw, Procedures and Principles" which has been prepared with the aim of fulfilling your needs and creating a suitable work environment, increasing your motivation, making your workplace more convenient. Therefore, I wish it to be beneficial for our continuously growing organization with increasing number of employees every day.
As Sur International Investment, we see "Human" as the first key of success. There are great contributions of our employees in the international success we have achieved. With the goal of being a global actor in different sectors lead by textile, we believe that our human resources should be composed of individuals with high qualities to be able to realize the vision and strategies of the group. Accordingly, their motivation should be provided, improved and efficiently managed.

Therefore, we have determined our vision for Human Resources so as to install the Human Resources structure in all business areas we exist, which in turn shall help us reach our targets.

Therefore, our basic purpose is to install human resources systems by constituting an institutional culture within the group with a focus on success and a continuous support to our employees for individual self-development and maintenance of the existing peaceful, restful and trustworthy working environment.. To develop the human resources and our group organizations together with transforming total quality management to a form of life in our company is one of our most important goals.

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