“With its unique fully integrated textile mills and a global expansion plan, SUR International aims to excel in all its businesses, to become a global brand and to be by its customers as an innovative solution partner.”

SUR is an international company based in Sudan, one of the major countries in Africa with significant investment opportunities thanks to its natural wealth, dynamic population, membership to COMESA and its good relations with its neighbors. Along with its headquarters in Sudan, SUR International also has operations and offices in Qatar, Turkey, UAE, China and Russia.

SUR International, established in 2003 with the collaboration of Sudanese Ministry of Defense, has expanded its investments in 2012 after joining of Qatar Armed Forces into a partnership In January 2016, the company has transformed its capacity and founded fully integrated military textile industrial complex. As SUR International, we take tremendous pride in our significant worldwide success in textile sector.

The investments of the company will bring new aspects to the textile industry throughout Africa. Not only it will increase the employment rate in the area, but it will also provide a vast range of new products and will expand furthermore in the future.

Our company while taking firm steps in becoming a leading brand in a globe scale in the textile industry, will also assume an important role to the community with which we belong to and will raise employment rate tremendously and the numbers are expected to reach 10.000 employees by 2020.

Our investments will not only contribute to SUR International, but also to the industrial and socio-economical development of other developing countries as well. Our target is to expand our unique model to other African countries in order to eventually decrease the unemployment rate in the region by making sustainable investments.

The mission of our company aims serving nearby countries with the know how of the textile industry as well as providing our strong partnership in the region. Our mission statement includes:

– To become a global brand in the textile industry, which is developing rapidly in the world but yet to be industrialized in terms of professional production.
– To have a leading role in the world with the help of our technical textile information that we will share with numerous universities.
– To be a great supplier to our customers by not only analyzing the end-users’ needs but also creating innovative solutions to them.

SUR International Investment Co. Ltd. is of your side all times with its vast range of services. Our company is at your service with offices around the world and with selective employees and technical teams to solve, help and commit to your needs. As always, we are determined to continue our efforts and activities in an efficient and profitable manner in the future.