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Who We Are

Following the perfect completion of all processes, sample products are offered to the customer. With the approval of the customer, the order and sales process begins.

Sur International Investment
SUR International Investment Company Ltd., which was founded by Sudanese
Ministry of Defense in 2003, made its first investment
by establishing SUR Military Clothing Factory in 2004. This factory, established
for meeting the uniform needs of Sudanese Armed Forces, was operational
for uniform production until 2012 with the production capacity of
600.000 sets of uniform per year.

Within the scope of the works started after the decision was made on establishing
the fabric factory in 2012, Qatari Armed Forces joined the partnership
on 30th June 2013. With the help of financial resources provided by the new
partner, we had the joy of completing our investments thanks to the hard
work of Board of Directors and Board of Executives for the installation of
high-tech facilities and modern machinery.

SUR International Investment Co.Ltd. is rapidly growing to become the world's
first and only integrated military textile company, in order to produce all textile
products of the military and police forces in Africa besides Middle East countries
tries. In addition, SUR International Investment Co.Ltd. will continue investing
into textile business.
Sur International Investment

Sur is a
strategic company

With the approval of President of the Sudan Republic,
SUR International Investment Company Ltd. was credited
as strategic company as of November 2015.