As Sur International Investment, we act in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, social standards of our customers and SA 8000 Social Responsibility Standard. We are an organization that assumes social responsibility by conducting business with social and environmental awareness as basis and adopting those as corporate values.

We do not limit the scope of our social responsibility within our own field of business; we assess social compliance activities of the supplier companies we work with and consider improving and enhancing their social compliance levels gradually as our primary objective.

At Sur International Investment, we adopt the principle of “Human First” in all stages of production and management. All employees are offered with equal opportunities and rights regardless of their race, color, religion, ethnic origin, pregnancy, civil status, physical challenges or gender.

Trainings are carried out to raise awareness about social responsibility among our employees.

Having adopted the principle of “Human First” in all stages of production and management, our company guarantees that;

Child Labor: No children under 15 or under legal compulsory education age, except for training purposes required by law, will be employed and all our business partners will comply with the applicable legal requirements in this regard.

Forced Labor: No forced labor based on debt or imprisonment or involuntary labor will be present.

Abuse and Maltreatment: SUR behaves respectfully and in an honorable manner towards all its employees and shall by no means apply mental pressure or maltreatment.

Discrimination: SUR employs the employees based on their capabilities, rather than race, color, religion, ethnic origin, pregnancy, civil status or gender.

Occupational Health and Safety: SUR takes all kinds of preventive measures to prevent work accidents, ensure participation of all employees in occupational health and safety applications and adopt a work system that holds workers’ general health prominent.

Right to Association and Collective Bargaining: SUR respects the employees’ right to association and collective bargaining, as permitted by law.
Salary and Social Rights: SUR provides all rights to the employees determined in the framework of laws and work with such business partners that act in conformity with this principle.

Working Periods and Overtime: SUR adheres to prevailing laws and regulations in determining working hours and times, paying overtime costs according to the laws to such employees that work overtime.

Our aim as SUR International Investment is to leave next generations a better, cleaner world, where they can live under better conditions, with the awareness of environmental disasters and pollution suffered by our world.

For this purpose, we undertake to

  • Comply with the laws, regulations and obligations related with the environment,
  • Prevent environmental pollution in connection with the technological advancements and maximize the waste reduction at the source,
  • Use energy and natural sources in an efficient manner, recover them as much as possible and ensure the disposal of the waste in a way being safe for the environment and human health,
  • Contribute to raising awareness of our employees and suppliers regarding protection of the environment and organize trainings to this end,
  • Ensure the application, inspection and development of environmental management system under continuous improvement approach,
  • Announce and keep open our Environment Policy to our customers, stakeholders and suppliers.