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Vision and Values

We are determined to continue our efforts and activities in an efficient and profitable manner in the future.

Sur International Investment

High Quality and

Our Vision
Our main objective is to be a regional leader in our industry and to possess a distinctive worldwide brand based on our integrated comprehensive industrial complex combined with our high caliber and profound experience in conducting business and industry in different regions.

Our Mision
The mission of our company aims serving nearby countries with its textile industry know-how, besides providing our strong partnership support into the region. Our mission statement includes: - To become a global brand in the textile industry, which is developing rapidly in the World, but yet to be industrialized in terms of professional production. - To have a leading role in the world with the help of our technical textile information which we will share with numerous universities. - To be a great supplier to our customers by not only analyzing the end-users’ needs but by also creating innovative solutions for them.